Floristiktrend SENSE 2024 Floristiktrend SENSE 2024
Refined nostalgia:

Floristry and design trend SENSE

A timelessly classic trend that revives old values. In 2024, SENSE shows sophistication and luxury through tailoring and fine materials. Classic colours and elegant textures create everlasting designs with a touch of nostalgia. Discover the new interpretation of classic.

The SENSE trend

Floristik Trend Detail Floristik Trend Detail

SENSE is an eternally classic trend that moves through time. In 2024, we are returning to proven values with SENSE. Classics from art, literature, music and fashion are all part of the mix.

In difficult social and uncertain times, historical eras in which everything seems to have been easier are often emphasised. Not everything was actually better in the past, but sometimes it seems so.

Luxury at SENSE is largely defined as it was hundreds of years ago: bespoke, handcrafted and made of fine materials. More durable than hyped brands and with an assurance of quality.

In the colour palette, we return to some great classics. Caramel-brown, burgundy, old rose and bottle green are shades making a comeback. One look is enough to see: These are familiar colours that we immediately describe as "beautiful".

The textures combined with the colours in this trend are stylish, elegant and reminiscent of classic colour combinations that are always pleasing to the eye. There are numerous ways to combine this palette and create memorable designs that stand the test of time. Luxury at SENSE is not only aimed at the wool texture itself. The lurex-wrapped cords also become an additional element that adds a deeper mood to the entire collection.

Main colours Sense Main colours Sense
Akzentfarben Sense Akzentfarben Sense
Trend Detail Trend Detail

Sophistication is particularly relevant at SENSE, because true luxury lies in workmanship and detail. The focus is on a harmonious return to classic values with a new interpretation of what classic really means.

This sophistication is reflected in the most diverse STYLIT products. The "Dreamer" felt is a beautiful example of a marble structure created by subtly adding feathers to a classic product. In addition, the "Franzi" felt in darker shades - especially green - adds an extra touch of sophistication to the collection.



The stars of the SENSE trend

STYLIT cords

The extensive collection of wool cords in the STYLIT portfolio is fantastic. Size variations, textures and a copper wire core are an extremely valuable ingredient for any creative mind. From wrapping to basic constructions, the cords offer wide design possibilities. Functionality and decorative value enter into a wonderful combination here.

The cords become the focus product of SENSE, as the selection for this particular trend shows the entire product line in the most timeless colour combinations. The wool cords are all different in their own way and a true source of inspiration. Even at first glance, it is obvious that the selected products offer more than just a simple use.

Trendprodukte STYLIT-Kordeln Trendprodukte STYLIT-Kordeln

Workpieces matching the trend

Our creative designers and florists have created modern bouquets, fascinating plant creations and inspiring decorative workpieces to show the possibilities of the "SENSE" trend boxes. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you the first pieces of the trend:


Nostalgic Water Lily Blossom «Sense»

Gifts are always a wonderful way to give joy. But how about making the packaging itself part of the gift? This gift wrapping not only looks magical, it also gives pleasure for a long time after unwrapping.


Airy wool blossoms «Sense»

An airy, elegant table decoration that is not only effortless to prepare, but can also shine in a variety of sizes. Whether for an intimate dinner or a lavish celebration, this decoration does it all.


Flower bouquet "Sense"

The bouquet lives from the soulful SENSE colours and lets the flowers harmonize perfectly with the felt cuff made of brown "Dreamer" felt. The delicate, dried lunaria continues the lightness and transparency of the felt feathers in the bouquet.


Pot plant "Sense"

The design of the flower pot is as chequered as the leaves of the mosaic plant. The brown tones in the upper part blend gently with the white wool cords and the green of the plant is picked up harmoniously at the end.


Candle decoration "Sense"

The woolly decorated candlesticks are coherently placed on a wooden tray. Cords and candles pick up the colours of the same palette. Loosely scattered petals add a soulful touch to the romantic candlelight scene.

Mood boards for the trend

Sense-Moodboard Farbpalette 1 Sense-Moodboard Farbpalette 1
The strong colours: SENSE colour palette 1

Classic, familiar colours comprise this SENSE colour palette: nostalgic, saturated browns, deep reds and rich greens take centre stage. White sets impressive accents.

The combination of classic, familiar textures and subtle glossy elements takes us back in time. They radiate warmth and security and brown is the common basis of all creations in this colour palette.

Designers and florists can use their artistic vein to integrate an enchanting retro flair into their works through the variety of textures and dimensions of cords and felts and create a sentimental interplay of colours. 

The soft colours: SENSE colour palette 2 

The core statement in the SENSE trend is maintained and the pastel colour palette shows a very discreet transition to a new combination in which silky tones and silvery accents take centre stage. What remains is the overall mood of elegance and sophistication in a new product combination that seems completely different at first glance.

Not only are the colour pigments toned down, but the main features of shine and sophistication are elevated to a new dimension

Shades of lavender mixed with grey and beige and the retention of some core products offer a range of possibilities to create exclusive and intriguing designs. 


Sense-Moodboard Farbpalette 2 Sense-Moodboard Farbpalette 2

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Shop the trend

Trendbox SENSE | Colour palette 1

Colour palette: Strong colours. 120 linear metres of felts and cords for your workpieces in the style of the elegant SENSE trend.

Trendbox SENSE | Colour palette 2

Colour palette: Soft colours. 187 linear metres of felts and cords for your elegant SENSE trend pieces.