Floristiktrend ORIGINALS 2024 Floristiktrend ORIGINALS 2024
Warm beauty with a sun glow:

Floristry and design trend ORIGINAL

The modern ORIGINAL trend, embodies courage, optimism and a positive future. Sun colours like yellow, orange and red radiate warmth and uniqueness. The trend captures the beauty of creation, playing with light, shadow and shiny textures. Feel the warm glow and spiritual character of ORIGINAL.

The ORIGINAL trend

Detail Originals Trend Detail Originals Trend

ORIGINAL is modern, bold, optimistic and is the trend for contemporary people to look to the future and see the positive in it: Seeing light at the end of the tunnel has never been more important. That's exactly the feeling this trend signals in 2024.

Colours that stand for the sun spread optimism and warmth and show the unique beauty that is in ORIGINALS. What is an almost fate-given "now or never" feeling in the ROOTS trend can be summed up in this second trend with the guiding principle "We can do it!". ORIGINALS invites positive thinking and active action.

The trend tries to capture the infinite vastness and beauty of creation

Picking up on the feeling of the sun seems quite realistic, as everyone has an idea of sunlight. Warm, optimistic colours, lots of shiny surfaces, the interplay of light and shadow and re-emerging colour gradients reflect the trend perfectly. 

A palette that refers to the sun naturally contains many warm shades of yellow, orange and red. Above all, the main colours together create a warm glow that mimics the effect of the sun. In addition, golden brown is an absolute front-runner in this palette: a colour that we will find in many combinations.

Main Colours Original Trend 2024 Main Colours Original Trend 2024
Accent colours Original Trend 2024 Accent colours Original Trend 2024
Detail Originals Trend Detail Originals Trend

Curvy lines, shiny textures and the feeling of lightness are present in the ORIGINAL designs. The colour variety of STYLIT products complements and enhances the trend. Through the processing and transformation of the natural yarn into a complete product, wool has the unique property of being transparent, light and soft at the same time. 



The star of the ORIGINAL trend

Felting Wool and Chunky Wool "Lunte"

The felt wool or chunky wool «Lunte» is the ideal product for this trend because of its versatility: transparency and light are the key words of the trend; letting the light through is the core statement of ORIGINALS. 

«Lunte» has this fabulous quality as it allows a variation of density in a unique way. It is a fabric with attitude, allowing creative minds to experience its subtlety and soft feel, while providing enough strength to be used as such in a variety of ways. 

The new colours in the ORIGINAL palette are bold, daring and warm, inviting fun and creativity and also a particularly appropriate palette for the Christmas season.


Filzwolle Chunky Wool Filzwolle Chunky Wool

Workpieces matching the trend

Our creative designers and florists have created modern bouquets, fascinating plant creations and inspiring decorative workpieces to show the possibilities of the "ORIGINAL" trend boxes. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you the first pieces of the trend:


Fiery bouquet «Original»

A slender, linear bouquet with a lot of energy: starting with the powerful, red willow catkins to the filigree and spirited fire lilies to the felt wool in dynamic red: this composition sparkles with vitality!


Shimmering floral ensemble «Original»

This bouquet is bulky and delicate at the same time. Felt cuff and compact cut flowers provide fullness, filigree grasses, twigs and drumsticks provide lightness and height. The play of colours makes the ensemble shimmer warmly.


Sunny self-standing bouquet «Original»

The impressive self standing bouquet fills with invigorating energy. The warm colours radiate warmth, glow and the power of the sunrise. The red wool with gold leaf gives this bouquet something unique.


Candle decoration "Original"

The atmospheric room decoration with candles spreads warmth and cosiness. The colours of the ORIGNAL trend creates a unique, positive and energetic mood. The wool cords and candles harmonise perfectly and attract attention.


Planter "Original"

The planter gives the houseplant an unusual home. The wool, felts and cords convey a homely and at the same time bold staging. A special eye-catcher in the room.

Mood boards for the trend

Trend-Moodboard Farbpalette 1 Trend-Moodboard Farbpalette 1
The strong colours: ORIGINAL colour palette 1

ORIGINAL shows a lively, powerful side here. The first colour palette sparks intense energy and exudes a buoyant, optimistic impression. The bold, intense reds and oranges combine with shiny gold to create warm, glowing colour gradients.

Innovative designs are given life through bold colours and strong textures. The work pieces convey an inspiring mood that is further charged by the stimulating colours of the cords and felts.


The soft colours: ORIGINAL colour palette 2

ORIGINAL shows a softer, gentler side. While the first colour palette seems to have sprung straight out of a summer sunset, the second dips into more pastel shades and grounds the trend collection in a more subtle version. The positive mood and optimistic approach remain, but the colour transitions into less obvious but equally effective tone-on-tone combinations that tell the accompanying story.

Modern creations are possible and softer textures combine with pastel colours to create an inspiring mood that offers a fresh, open-minded and innovative opportunity for creative minds. Felts and cords represent the duality of the trend, adding extra light and texture to any composition.

Trend-Moodboard Farbpalette 2 Trend-Moodboard Farbpalette 2

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Trendbox ORIGINAL | Colour palette 1

Colour palette: Strong colours. 258 linear metres of felts and cords for your workpieces in the style of the glowing ORIGINAL trend.

Trendbox ORIGINAL | Colour palette 2

Colour palette: Soft colours. 259 running metres of felts and cords for your pieces in the style of the glowing ORIGINAL trend.