Floristiktrend Diversity 2024 Floristiktrend Diversity 2024
Transcending virtual dimensions:

Floristry and design trend DIVERSITY

Avant-garde, the joy of experimentation and virtual worlds characterize the DIVERSITY trend. Virtual becomes real and technology inspires to explore possibilities. Discover a world of bold colours and materials inspired by the gaming industry. DIVERSITY opens up a new dimension of experience and expression.


Diversity Trend Detail Diversity Trend Detail

DIVERSITY is a trend that speaks for itself from the very first moment. It is aimed at people of the avant-garde. Those who are open to the latest and not afraid to experiment. 

The lifestyle sector shows that "fake" is no longer perceived negatively, but can be eye-catching, cheerful and stimulating. Things no longer have to be real to evoke emotions. Filters can offer added value, and those who don't like to reveal everything about themselves can represent themselves through an avatar. In short, we are gradually beginning to recognise and use the advantages of the virtual, because we are in a time when millennials are grown up.

Not surprisingly, DIVERSITY is a trend led and shaped by technology and the virtual world. The possibilities in this digital world are endless and the experimentation that comes with it is desired.

Discovering, feeling and experiencing are extremely important in this trend. Especially because the saying "what you see is what you get" no longer applies here. Many young people take refuge in this beautiful world in which everything seems possible, but which nevertheless harbours dangers.

Main colours Diversity Main colours Diversity
Accent colours Diversity Accent colours Diversity

The DIVERSITY colour palette is inspired by the colours of the gaming industry. An business where bright candy colours immediately signal that it's all about fun: we are leaving harsh reality and entering a world where anything is possible and allowed.

STYLIT wool, tactile as it may be, offers such a wide range of colours and materials that it is not surprising that a DIVERSITY collection was easy to put together. Colour has the greatest visual impact in this trend, but the different materials are equally relevant in creating a stringent look within DIVERSITY.



The star of the DIVERSITY trend

"Money-Maker" felt

The "Money-Maker" felt is the perfect star product for this trend, which expresses that the term "fake" no longer has a negative connotation.

The younger generations born in the digital age are now adults. The "Money-Maker" felt appeals to this audience. The new colours of the felt are optimal to attract and inspire this group for the felt and its history. The recycled money flakes in the felt are more than an aesthetic addition or a sustainability project, and the colour becomes the guiding theme of the product.

Workpieces matching the trend

Our creative designers and florists have created modern bouquets, fascinating plant creations and inspiring decorative workpieces to show the possibilities of the "DIVERSITY" trend boxes. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you the first pieces of the trend:


Flower arrangement "Diversity

This exotic flower arrangement immediately attracts attention. The colour-intensive carpet of blossoms is easy to arrange thanks to the woolly substructure and offers countless design options.


«Diversity» Summer Bouquet with Effect

This trendy, transparent summer bouquet in the trendy DIVERSTIY style is surprisingly effective. Florist Anja Ersing shows you how it's done in the DIY instructions and video »


Floral loop "Diversity"

The interpretation of the DIVERSITY trend as a hanging decoration is well-rounded. The creatively designed aluminium loop, decorated with woollen ribbons in the trend colours, exudes liveliness. Green orchids and hydrangeas add floral flair.


Standing Bouquet "Diversity"

The extravagance of the DIVERSITY trend is felt in this colourful and vibrant bouquet of flowers. The draping of the cut flowers and the wrapping with the pink "Money Maker" wool felt interpret the eye-catching trend excellently.


Potted plant "Diversity"

The spotted nasturtium with its wavy leaves and lush growth fits perfectly with the DIVERSITY trend. Placed in a pot with silver leaf and wrapped asymmetrically by colourful, glittering wool cords, the trend is completed.

Mood boards for the trend

Diversity Moodboard Farbpalette 1 Diversity Moodboard Farbpalette 1
The strong colours: DIVERSITY colour palette 1

The bold colour palette of the DIVERSITY trend exudes an energetic mood and offers a wide range of possibilities for combining vibrant colours and creative shapes. Eye-catching, even sometimes garish colours from the gaming industry can be found in cords, felts, plants and decorative products.

Bold experimentation creates fascinating transitions in both colours and shapes. The dynamics of the trend unfold powerfully, yet smoothly.

The different textures and dimensions of cords and felts allow for unusual shapes and a creative, teasing play between plants and wool - all in the spirit of DIVERSITY.


The soft colours: DIVERSITY colour palette 2

The pastel version of DIVERSITY creates a soothing mood and many possibilities to combine different textures and shapes with bright pastel colours. Especially the star product, the "Money-Maker" felt, finds its place in the original colour in which it was launched, but gains a new dimension through the colour combinations.

The different textures and dimensions of the cords allow creative minds to play with creations and create deformed shapes - in the spirit of DIVERSITY.

Within this secondary colour palette, fascinating transitions emerge that encourage playful experimentation. The mood of DIVERSITY in this beautiful collection lies in the possible and impossible interplay of the products, which still appear strong, yet softer.

Diversity Moodboard Farbpalette 2 Diversity Moodboard Farbpalette 2

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Trendbox DIVERSITY | Colour palette 1

Colour palette: Strong colours. 500 pieces of scatter and 195 linear metres of felts and cords for your pieces in the style of the avant-garde DIVERSITY trend.

Trendbox DIVERSITY | Colour palette 2

Colour palette: Soft colours. 500 pieces of scatter and 195 linear metres of felts and cords for your pieces in the style of the avant-garde DIVERSITY trend.