Floristktrend ROOTS 2024 Floristktrend ROOTS 2024
The earthy Rebelle:

Floristry and design trend ROOTS

The ROOTS world appeals to people with a strong connection to nature. For 2024, the trend stands for rebellion against the uncontrollable and active design. Earthy primary colours, accompanied by stone-grey accents, convey strength and vision. The focus is on offensive blue and natural sand and stone colours. Back to the roots of the earth.

The ROOTS trend

Trenddetail Roots Werkstück Trenddetail Roots Werkstück

ROOTS appeals to people who have a strong bond with nature, who are inspired and strive not only to live in harmony with nature, but also to fully respect Mother Earth.

For 2024, ROOTS taps into people's desire to rebel against things that are beyond their individual control. ROOTS calls on them to be creative and active in shaping things. This trend expresses a certain self-confidence that is reflected in the colour palette, textures and shapes of the designs.

The earthy and sandy base colours of this palette are accompanied by accent colours that express stone-grey tones as well as other colours of the. Blue takes centre stage and becomes one of the main colours. In design, this colour acts as a key element through its symbolism, conveying strength, confidence and creating a vision. Blue is omnipresent in nature: sky and water show all kinds of shades of blue - blue is familiar to humans and is a colour that speaks overwhelmingly universal to all people.

Besides blue, the hues we find are mainly the true colours of the earth's crust - but not the green of trees or plants. In 2024, ROOTS is not a theme that wants to show off with Urban Jungle and green accents, but it goes back to the roots of the earth: sand and stone colours. If you combine only the main colours of this palette, the earthy character becomes immediately clear.

ROOTS main colours ROOTS main colours
ROOTS accent colours ROOTS accent colours
Trenddetail Roots Werkstück Trenddetail Roots Werkstück

STYLIT products are by nature closely anchored to the status quo of this trend, so the selection of trend products was mainly based on colour, concept and texture. The RAW collection is definitely a star product for this trend due to its core character.

Rough textures, grey tones and basic products in blue and sand tones make the difference for designs that appeal to nature-loving people. This trend collection makes going back to the roots simple and effortless.



The stars of the ROOTS trend

RAW felts and cords

The natural colours of the ROOTS trend are reflected in the RAW collection. Regional, authentic, natural: the characteristics of RAW products go hand in hand with the concept and message of the trend: "Be a Rebelle, by returning to the roots and demonstrate this through your own personal reinterpretation".

Move RAW cords to the centre. Their visible jute core shows the true and authentic nature of the product in its purest form. Each colour in the collection tells of the diversity of the material in its raw form.

The distinctly aesthetic RAW cords show a deep rootedness in authenticity and nature. The same original innovation is found in the other RAW products, which likewise originate in this basic, raw colour palette.


Workpieces matching the trend

Our creative designers and florists have created modern bouquets, fascinating plant creations and inspiring decorative workpieces to show the possibilities of the "ROOTS" trend boxes. We give you a glimpse behind the scenes and show you the first pieces of the trend:


Earhty Bouquet «Roots»

Florist Krisztián Kövér shows you step-by-step how to create an original, earthy flower bouquet in the nature-loving ROOTS trend. With how-to video!


«Roots» Flower meadow for the table

A wreath in portrait format is this natural and loose table decoration. The dried dogwood stems, grasses and cords literally take the floral wreath to the next level and make the naturally draped flowers shine.


Bouquet «ROOTS»

Unique and trendy, this standing bouquet is made using cut flowers in the ROOTS trend colours. The wool cord with wire creates a subtle frame for draping, while simple wooden decorations complete the trend.


Planter "ROOTS

This extravagant planter in ROOTS style captivates with a metal vessel in used look with rust optics, accentuated by wool cords in earth tones. The plant brings in fresh greenery.


Woolen bowl "ROOTS"

The versatile wool bowl in grey tones is perfect for storing everyday items, as a flower pot or more. Contrasting orange and blue accents set off the stone coloured base tones.

Mood boards for the trend

The strong colours: ROOTS colour palette 1

The strong version of ROOTS is characterized by a high colour saturation of the main colours and focuses on products with grainy and rough textures.

Dominant, bold colours take centre stage and the transitions between colour elements are striking and energetic. An orange tone joins the earthy tones, providing an exciting contrast with the bold blue.

The entire colour palette appeals to people who favour the trend's more vibrant orientation.

The soft colours: ROOTS colour palette 2

The pastel version of ROOTS reduces the colour saturation of the main colour palette and focuses on products that have a slightly softer texture, while still retaining the trend's signature element of roughness.

Finer cords are predominant and the colour transitions between elements are more discreet. The contrasting orange/blue element is toned down and the overall palette moves towards a more seamless transition between hues to appeal to those who prefer a softer approach to the trend.

The core values of ROOTS are still present and the star collection RAW - like nature - offers multiple possibilities for this second colour palette.

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Trendbox ROOTS | Colour palette 1

Colour palette: Strong colours. 330 running metres of felts and cords for your workpieces in the style of the nature-loving ROOTS trend.

Trendbox ROOTS | Colour palette 2

Colour palette: Soft colours. 334 running metres of felts and cords for your pieces in the style of the natural ROOTS trend.